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  • AeroWest

    Drip system that counteracts odors
    directly at their source

  • Odo-San

    State-of-the-Art Odor System

  • Wurv

    The Most Complete Hygienic Solution for Waterless Urinals

  • Wiseair

    Continuously Despersed Fresh Fragrance

  • AlcoCleanse

    Toilet Seat Cleaner

  • Air-X

    Portable Odor Counteracting System

  • AeroFresh

    Improve indoor air quality, while removing odors

  • Drain System

    Commercial Floor Drain System for Odors and Insects

  • Hand Soap

    A Trace of Lavender

  • GermMaster

    Patented Door Handle Sanitizing System

  • PSU’s

    Permanent Stick Ups

  • Urinal Screens

    Last Longer and Kill Odors

  • Urinal & Toilet Mats

    Protect Floors and Kill Odors

West is leading the way to offer specialized solutions for all our healthcare customers. From hospitals to long term care facilities, we are committed to providing you with innovative solutions that solve your business challenges for a clean and safe operation for patients, residents and staff while conserving resources.

Government facilities receive the right products, systems, and service to provide a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment. West’s quality chemical formulations and innovative dispensing systems assist in safely achieving the environmental sanitation results you need - while protecting your employees.

Hospitality is a fast-paced industry. Your reputation and brand are everything. As a trusted partner, West helps ensure your reputation for cleanliness and comfort is maintained. Clean restrooms ensure delighted guests and better business results, all provided in the most sustainable way.

Private venues are expected to be bright, clean, hygienic and safe. This can be challenging with hundreds of vistors circulating through hallways and restrooms. West can help control your sanitation concerns, while making sure you are getting the most cost-effective value you need and conserving resources.

Breakthrough Technology In Indoor Air Quality